Affiliate marketing is a lucrative niche if you become a super affiliate. To be one, you need to have an enormous down-line the size of Texas. I thought I’d use that for illustration. You need a large base of affiliates underneath you. Affiliate marketing means an affiliate sells or promotes someone’s website or product.  The affiliates get paid a commission for every sale they make. They get a commission on every person who signs up underneath them in the affiliate program.

Becoming a Super Affiliate

Right down to let’s just say 10 levels deep. If I sign 2 people up and they each get 2 people that means by the tenth level. I will have 1,024 people in my down-line. Powerful stuff isn’t it.  To become a Super Affiliate you need to be skilled at one thing, Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a BIG business and I mean BIG. HUGE money. They spend billions each year on the subject. You can make an absolute fortune doing it. Affiliate Marketing?? That’s for people who know what they’re doing right? I’m just a regular Joe who does not understand any of this stuff. How can I profit from this lucrative industry?? super affiliate marketing Part of becoming a Super Affiliate is to create a down-line. Not just any down-line. You want a solid base of people who have the same idea as you. That’s making money and lots of it.  To carry out this you need to train the people underneath you. They should use the same methods as you. If you can imagine for a minute, you have a base of 100 people. Now those 100 people will use the same methods you used to get your 100 people. Can I ask you a question?? What is 100 x 100?? That’s right 10,000. I think I’ll just say that again shall I, TEN THOUSAND. Let that sink in for a minute. We haven’t even gotten down to the 3rd, 4th, or 5th levels yet. You can imagine how big your down-line will get using this method. In a perfect world that would work.  Reality never pans out that way. You can get people that sign up and do nothing. As a result, lose interest and quit the program. This, my friend, is something we can’t control.

Aiding your affiliates in affiliate marketing

So, marketers join affiliate programs and often quit because there’s more to internet marketing than they thought. Affiliates lose interest or their efforts aren’t making any money and they quit. You should have a system in place that walks new affiliates through each step and answers questions they might have. Remember, you are the master here, and you have students eager to learn the ways of an experienced Internet Marketer. By now you’re thinking, you’ve lost me.  I won’t lie, there are some things you will need to sign up for. This system sets up funds itself and puts money in your back pocket from the beginning. You can set this system up on autopilot and it will continuously pay you every month. This isn’t some wishful thinking operation. This is a proven system that will take average people and turn them into millionaires. The stuff you will learn will make you a fortune. All you need to do is listen to the audio message on the site.  I say pay attention to on the audio.

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