You’ve got a DYNAMITE idea for product creation and you can’t wait to get started on it. Or maybe you already have. Then it happens. You see that someone else has beaten you to the punch and released a very similar product just last week.

Now, what should you do??

Many people will fold. They’ll scrap their product creation idea and begin a search for a new idea.

Then there are the successful marketers who wouldn’t bat an eyelash just because someone else released a product like theirs. They would finish their product and release it as soon as possible.

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Do you know why? Two reasons: First, a successfully selling product on a particular topic means there’s room for another product on the same topic. And the reason there’s the room is that of reason number 2: People who are deeply interested in a topic don’t buy just one book or just one course. They buy everything they can get their hands on.

In fact, the person who released their product ahead of yours did you a favor, because you can now see how well their product is selling. You can look for the information holes they forgot to fill and you can be the one to create a better product. You can also see what their price point is and act accordingly. If they’re priced at $17, shoot for a much higher price to convey a much higher value. If they are selling their product at several hundred dollars, you can become an affordable alternative.

So next time you’ve got a great product idea and someone else beats you to the punch, thank them.

One more thing–don’t be afraid to approach them and ask to do a deal. They might very well be open to being your affiliate and mailing your offer to their list. If your products are very similar, they can mail to their list of non-buyers. If there’s a difference such as a price, they might mail to their entire list.

Remember–competition can be a GREAT thing when you’re marketing online.

    2 replies to "When Your Product Creation Idea is Already Taken"

    • Dave Thomas


      Enjoyed your post and it echoes what John says about finding a market where there are already products selling and to create yours with your own twist.

      I enjoy writing, hence my blog commenting that not many others share, and I’m looking for a product that can contain my pleasure of creating via print, but there are so many others out there on Blogging, E-books, etc., that I am concerned I might have my work cut out to find the right specific niche. But I’m sure John and Randy will help me.

      To your success


    • Marlene Roberson

      Hi Julie

      You’re right on the money! I think it’s great when other people launch products along the same lines as your product idea. Especially if they beat you to the punch…

      Not only can you learn a lot from their product (as you mentioned) but now you also have to opportunity to improve on it. Priceless!

      Wishing you lots of success,

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