It’s easy to fall into a marketing schemes. Our current jobs frustrate us. The low pay and undervalue drives many of us to dream of our own businesses. However, the costs combine with the risk factors stops most of us in our tracks. Affiliate marketing is a way for people to work for themselves with no risk.

You’re paid based on performance., and there is no cost. However, today one has to be careful. There are plenty of scammers and con artists out there that are more than happy to take your money and hard work off of you. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not immune to these scammers. They lure every day people in by promises of big money with relatively little effort. In this article, we will teach you some signs to look for and tell you how to spot a scam.

When you join an affiliate marketing scheme, you either going to sell a product or a service. With products, you usually have a choice and range to sell. How you do this is largely up to you. You could also sell a service. Web page designs and increasing sales and internet traffic are services offered by affiliate marketing programs. 

Red flags to spot in a marketing scheme

How many times have you seen as an ad on the internet promising huge earnings? Things like “Earn $1000 a day” or Join our program now and become a millionaire. If you look closely at these ads, they are not selling anything. Any company that is just selling the opportunity to make money is likely a marketing scheme. True, some affiliate marketing companies will have attention-grabbing headlines like the ones mentioned above. However, if you read the ad and information, there will probably be a detailed description of what the company sells. They will also have a disclaimer and terms and conditions listed. 


These companies that offer the opportunity to make money are likely pyramid schemes. The only people paying money in are the ones joining. Not only are these scams and you’ll lose what you invested, but they are also illegal and you can face prosecution.

Another thing to watch out for is no free participation. If you have to pay to join then you may have stumbled upon a scam or a multilevel marketing program. Multi-level marketing programs are legal and some people make good livings out of them. However, if you’re not successful, you may end up purchasing a bunch of products that you cannot sell.

True affiliate programs are free. That is part of their attraction. There are no costs to you, and they should also be risk-free. Any Affiliate marketing programs that demand your money is not an affiliate program. You should ask yourself why they are misrepresenting themselves this way if they are legitimate.

The Appeal of Marketing Schemes

Many of us dream of being our own bosses. We would love to take control of our lives and careers. The attraction of answering only to you combined with setting your own working hours and committing what you choose brings loads of people into the affiliate marketing schemes. Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to make an excellent living. Some wonderful programs are out there. However, for every great program, there is likely one that is fraudulent. Con artists operate in many areas and unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not immune.

Before joining, check to see what the company is selling. If they are not selling goods or services, then they are likely an illegal pyramid scheme. If it requires money upfront, its a scheme. Affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity, but you need to do your homework.

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