I’m sure you are expecting a long, drawn out backstory on how I’ve succeeded in Internet Marketing. Well, spoiler, I haven’t yet. Ok, don’t close the website just yet. I’m not a guru and I happened to get into this niche by accident. The YouTube algorithm started recommending affiliate marketing videos. So after watching a few, I started to think maybe I could make money online. 

Unfortunately, I jumped head first in the deep end. I’ve poured money into different programs hoping to get results. I’ve made a hundred dollars over the past year, but I’d already invested thousands. So that was a big life lesson I learned. As the saying goes, “fail fast, fail often.” If you don’t fail, you’re not learning.

Now, I went to college and received my degree in Film/Video. I didn’t get a job in the film industry, or even corporate video. I have a repetitive technical job I work 9-5. The prospect of internet marketing excited me because I could make passive income and hopefully quit my job and focus on my creativity. I’m still hoping for that, and that I can share the knowledge I get with others who want to pursue other things, or can’t find work to make money.